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This category includes basic information on driving regulations as well as requirements on renting a vehicle in Sofia and Bulgaria.

Renting GPS with your rental car

Posted by admin on July 1, 2008

If you have difficulties getting along in Sofia and the area then we highly encourage you to throw the map on the garbage and get some modern equipment – GPS.

Fuel Price comparison of Petrol Stations in Sofia

Posted by admin on July 1, 2008

Ok! We all know prices of petrol are high but still some petrol stations in Sofia sell cheaper than others.

We went on a small inspection to compare the prices of the petrol in the major providers – OMV , Shell and Lukoil.

Petrol Prices in Sofia

Posted by admin on July 1, 2008

For everyone driving or renting a car in Sofia is extremely important to know where to get fuel and how much it would cost him.

The prices of oil are increasing quite rapidly worldwide lately but we can proudly say that Bulgaria is still one of the cheapest destinations for diesel and petrol 95.

Drink and Drive

Posted by admin on May 15, 2008

If you ever go to a party,restaurant or some kind of celebration with your car and have a drink then driving back home is not advisable. Not only inadvisable but even prohibited by law.

What to do in case of a car accident?

Posted by admin on May 12, 2008

Let’s face it.Driving is never safe.

If you get into a car accident with your rental car there are a few things you must do.

First and most important , do not panic.

Maps of major cities and resorts

Posted by admin on April 30, 2008

Renting a car is a piece of cake.Driving around in a new city can be a disaster without the right map.

Click on the links below every city to open a window with a bigger printable image of the map.

Speed Cameras in Sofia

Posted by admin on April 22, 2008

Traveling in a new city may be a bit of a challenge – not knowing the streets and the hints can cause you a lot of troubles with traffic police. Here is an updated list of all cameras in Sofia.Most of them monitor passing on red light while other monitor the speed.

Driving outside the cities

Posted by admin on April 22, 2008

If you are planning a trip outside the big cities either with your own or rental vehicle you need to know several things.

In Bulgaria the toll system is still not working.However there are plans all highways to have a toll fee.

Driving Regulations and Fines in Bugaria

Posted by admin on April 22, 2008

Here is a quick guide of driving regulations and speeding fines.

Blue Parking Zone in Sofia

Posted by admin on April 22, 2008

The Blue Zone or the paid parking in Sofia covers the whole center. It is active every working day from 8.30 till 18.30. If you plan parking in the central area of the city , be prepared to pay 0.50 levs for half an hour or 1 lev per hour. You can pay directly to the representatives of “Parking and Garages”.