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Speed Cameras in Sofia

Posted by admin on April 22, 2008

Traveling in a new city may be a bit of a challenge – not knowing the streets and the hints can cause you a lot of troubles with traffic police. Here is an updated list of all cameras in Sofia.Most of them monitor passing on red light while other monitor the speed. Usually the cameras take a picture of the registration number of the car. The owner of the car gets a notification via post to visit Traffic Police Offices. However if you rent a car you are most likely not to get anything.

Its important to note that unlike other countries , you won’t see warning signs before the cameras

Anyway here is the list of all the dangerous spots with live cameras:

1.Bul. N.Vapcarov next to Sofia Land and at the junction with Cherni Vryh Str – cameras on both directions; limit is 60 kmh

2.On the ring road next to McDonalds (towards Studentski Grad) – cameras on both directions; limit is 40 kmh

3. Hotel Hemus. The cameras are installed on the traffic light from bul.Arsenalski.

4.On bul.Bulgaria between NDK and the bridge of bul.Vitosha

5. In front of the Building Technical School, it makes pictures if you drive on the tram lanes.
6. Botevgradsko Shose – on the Traffic Police Cabin; on the junction for Kremikovtsi opposite of service shop “Inkotar”

7. Crossroad of Bul Slivnitsa and Hristo Botev Str.
8. Crossroad of Bul Slivnitsa and Rakovska Str. Towards Lion Bridge

9. Crossroad of Bul Slivnitsa and Opylchenska towards Konstantin Velichkov Str

10. Building Technical School (the blue coffee shop)-3 cameras.
11. Patrairch Evtimii Bul (towards NDK)
12. Bul Todor Alexandrov in the tunnel towards Liulin – on both directions
13. Bul Dragan Tsankov from the radio tower towards center – 100 meters from the zebra and 150 meters after the speed limit of 40 kmh

14. Ovcha Kupel,Obikolna Str, after Toplofikacia Company- 60kmh

15. Bul. Klimentski Ohridski on the first traffic light next to OMV.
16. On 202 Str. towards Nadezhda – on the first direction after Shell gas station and the other just before OMV. The speed limit is 40 !!!

17. On Bul.Maria Luiza and Bul.Hristo Botev – Central Rail Station –towards overbridge “Nadezhda” –

18. On vitosha Bulevard next to NDK

19. On the traffic light on Rakovska Str and Tsar Osvoboditel
20. On the crossroad of Opylchenska Str and Stamboliiski Str. The left turn towards Ruski Pametnik is forbidden.It monitors for that.

21. On the traffic lights in front of Central Rail Station.

22. On the crossroad of Bul.St Naum and Bul. James Baucher

23. On Bul. Bulgaria towards NDK before the crossroad with Bul. Dimitar Nesterov
24On the Levski Monument

25. On Madrid Str. towards Poduene.

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