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What to do in case of a car accident?

Posted by admin on May 12, 2008

Let’s face it.Driving is never safe.

If you get into a car accident with your rental car there are a few things you must do.

First and most important , do not panic. If there are no hurt people and just material damages then you are lucky. Call the police and inform them of the situation. Do not attend to move the vehicle until police comes. They will investigate and will write a protocol stating whose fault it was.

Every vehicle must have a valid document called civil responsibility. It is a type of mandatory insurance for such cases. If you are the responsible for the accident , this insurance policy makes sure that the other party gets funds to fix his vehicles. The additional insurance policies take care of your vehicle.

You don’t really need to worry about that as rental companies take care of this. That is why you need to call your rental company and inform them of the accident.In most cases they will sent a representative to facilitate the process.

Something important to know is what amount of the damages will be covered by the rent-a-car company and what from you. This is something that is set at the contract of the rental company. So next time you rent a car do not sign without reading. You do not want to end up paying thousands of levs for nothing, do you?

Some companies offer a full insurance coverage in case of an accident for a very small extra cost per day. Sometimes this pays off so do not neglect the opportunity to rest your mind at peace.

The phones of traffic police are: 165; 02/ 982 49 01; 02/ 982 49 02

Some more important numbers:

Ambulance: 150; 02/ 983 52 24; 02/ 975 92 60

Fire Brigade:160

Car Assistance: 146; 02/ 91 146; 02/ 680 533; 02/ 772 217; 02/ 255 344

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