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Renting GPS with your rental car

Posted by admin on July 1, 2008

For people driving in Sofia for the first time, it might be a nightmare. Even if you have a map , you don’t really have much time understanding it while trying to pass the busy roads.

You are absolutely lost if you leave the capital. Most signs are in Cyrillic and the directions are not usually clear. That is why a number of rent-a-car companies provides GPS navigation systems for rent along with their cars. This is quite expensive equipment but in some cases it is worth every penny you pay for it.

Nay Car Rental offers Garmin StreetPilot navigation system which is claimed to be the best with most detailed map of Bulgaria. When renting car with them the GPS will cost you €5 per day, but not more than €50, regardless the rental period. If you rent the GPS only, without a car the price is €8 per day. You have to leave a deposit of €250 which of course is refundable on returning the equipment.

Top Rent offers Nuvi 250 GPS device for €4 per day. We personally haven’t seen it but it is said to have a good map and sightseeing landmarks.

Another company Rent a car TT offers a GPS with their cars for €5 per day plus €200 deposit.

Bulgaria rentalcar has an interesting promo – every customer who rents a Renault gets a GPS for €3 per day. It is worth checking this option.

And finally rentcarBG rents a Garmin GPS for €5 per day regardless the rental period.

You can see some accessories for rent here and there. Apart from the GPS you can add a vibrating seat or massaging seat. You can rent a special wheel or a CD changer…

In all cases ask the rental company for all options before stepping out of their office.

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