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Blue Parking Zone in Sofia

Posted by admin on April 22, 2008

The Blue Zone or the paid parking in Sofia covers the whole center. It is active every working day from 8.30 till 18.30. If you plan parking in the central area of the city , be prepared to pay 0.50 levs for half an hour or 1 lev per hour. You can pay directly to the representatives of “Parking and Garages”. They will provide you a piece of paper with the exact time you have paid for. You must place this paper on the front window of your vehicle so it is visible. If however such person is not available you can buy yourself parking time by sending a text message to 1302 from any mobile operator. You must include your license number in CYRILYC ONLY! All “parking and garages” reps have electronical devices and can check if the specific car has paid for parking or not.

If your permanent address is in a residence in the center of Sofia you are allowed to park free of charge on your home street. To do so you need to place a copy of your registration on the front window.

In case you stay longer than you have paid for, or do not pay at all your car will most likely be towed away. And the fees for that are not small. You also get a penalty fee as well as driving points will be taken from you.

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