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Rent a cheap car in Sofia

Posted by admin on May 7, 2008

Most of us just need a vehicle to get from one location to another.We don’t really care if it is a mercedes or a fiat uno as long as it is cheap.

Of course, the longer the rent period the lower the price.However we will stick to rates at shortest possible period 1-3 days.

From time to time rental companies will offer discounted vouchers or promos.We will concentrate ont he regular everyday rates.I hope this post helps a lot of tourists renting a car in Sofia.

Let’s start with easyrent who will offer you a Fiat Bravo for 25 euro a day.For 15+ days the price goes to 15 euro. The car is very basic but extremely economical with 5l or 5.5l/100km.It has only three doors but plenty of space for 4 or 5 passengers.

The 5 door alternative Fiat Brava is available for 31 euro a day by Veda Rent.Moreover their vehicle is automatic which is a big plus for beginners.For 15+ days the rate goes to 24 euro a day. Veda rent occasionally runs promos of 30% discount so keep checking their site!

Our next pick is Renault Twingo by car rent BG.Again 3 doors and very economical.It has 1.2 engine and is for maximum of 4 people.It will cost you 30 euro a day or 22 euro a day for 14+ days. Motoroads offers the same vehicle for 29 euro a day or 15 euro a day for 23+ days.They also run promos on regular basis.

For slightly more – 35 euro a day you can hire a Renault Clio again from Motoroads.

An opel corsa from 2004 again with Motoroads will cost you 35 euro a day and 17euro a day for 24+ days.

The same is the price for Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Ignis and Ford Fiesta by SavoyRent.Same class vehicle at roughly same fuel consumption.

34 euro a day will be VW Polo or Peugeot 106 with Top Rent A Car.Not bad options as well.10% discount is available upon booking in advance.

An equivalent of rent-a-wreck is offered by MCAutoRent. You can get a VW PAssat from 96 for 27 euros a day.For 2+ days it will go down to 22 euros. It’s a great bargain if you are not afraid of opening the front hood.

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