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Advices when renting a car

Posted by admin on May 9, 2008

Renting a vehicle is not that difficult process. All you need is a valid driving license and some money and that’s it. Or at least that’s what people think.

When renting a vehicle we highly recommend that you read the fine prints. Especially for the car insurance.

First and most important rule when collecting a car – inspect the vehicle and make a list of all problems,defects,scratches and even the fuel level. You don’t want to pay for damages you didn’t make, do you?

When returning the vehicle do the same. Ask the rent-a-car company rep to sign that the vehicle is returned in order. Keep all paperwork for at least a month after the rent.

Almost every company requires that you return the car with full tank. If you fail to do that, they will charge you a certain fee per liter of petrol. That fee is  more than the normal petrol price so don’t forget to  fill up your car.

Some companies hold a certain deposit as a guarantee that you will return the vehicle in good condition. If you are paying cash , they will most likely return it right away. If you use a credit card though, things might be different. Don’t forget to ask when the funds will be unblocked! You don’t want to end up dining in a restaurant or staying at a hotel and not being able to pay your bill.

In some cases you might get into a car accident. Unfortunately things like that happen and is good to be prepared. Read the fine print in the insurance policy of the rent a car company. It’s important to know to what extend the rental company is covering the damages and how much you need to pay yourself.

It’s wise to pay a few more euros and get full insurance coverage.

No matter the company you choose , be careful when signing documents. And what’s most important be careful when driving

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