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Posted by zhelyazko on May 20, 2008

Astra Classic II. Versions. Classic. 1.6I 16V (103 hp)

Standard equipment

5-speed manual gear box
front discs and rear cylinder brakes
ABS /Anti-blocking breaking system/
electro-hydraulic amplifier for the wheel
2 air bags on the front
Car radio system with two speakers
short roof antenna
Display – time, date and temperature

opel astra clasic

Tyres – 195/60 R15 with steel rims
Adjustable seats on the front seats
Headrests for the heads on the front seats
3 headrests for the heads on the back seat
front and rear seat safety belts
mechanisms for the front safety belts
Speed-meter and revolutions meter
Indication for service period
indication for oil change
black dial in the dashboard
black external side mirrors
black side protective lines
heating system with 4 levels
air polen filter
rear-light for fog and 3rd stop light
regulation of the light in the dashboard
H7 hallogen head-lights – asymmetric
adjustable hight of the lights
heated rear window with wind-screen wiper – without the models with 4 doors
Darkened windows

Price: 13 200 euro including VAT

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